Janeen Leah

Cold Planet
My husband, Michael Burke's band Cold Planet. Michael is the lead singer and lead guitarist of this soulful and fun rock band!!
This is the studio where I recorded most of my first album. All the mixing and mastering was done at f.Boo. It's great studio with a very laid back vibe. I highly recommend this studio. They have now taken the next step and have become a record label...signing yours truly! Also check out Keven Brennan. Keven is the recording engineer at f Boo and is the extremely gifted sax player you hear on 'Time is Never Wasted' and produced "Rainy Day" and "Calloused Heart"......he is also an amazing solo artist!!! Plus!... his beautiful wife Robin Brennan is equally fantastic, each have amazing albums.
Peter Kearns
Peter is the New Zealand producer who produced the song 'The Sea You've Cried' on on 'Time is Never Wasted'. He's also a gifted musician who played many instruments on various songs of off the album as well. On top of that, he's an amazing solo artist to boot!
Mythological Wine Music
Check out Tushar and Suchita Parte from Mythological Wine Music. They recorded the collaboration, 'Wine of Consciousness' with me. And this is the famous Tushar that I recorded an album with last August (2008) in India....the album is yet to be released.
Aaron Gutierrez
This amazingly talented and versatile drummer/percussionist is in my current band!
Paul Marangoni
Extremely talented drummer. Played on several tracks off of 'Time is Never Wasted' and also recorded the tracks that he played.
Raveena's Official Site
Check out a very talented young singer in India named Raveena! I wrote lyrics to two of her songs 'Just Be You' and 'Ola Ya O' on her debut album!!
Joey Dott
Joey is an artist/painter and graphic designer. Joey designed the album layout for 'Time is Never Wasted'.
TL Forsberg - Stylist
TL Forsberg styled my look on the photo shoot for the album, 'Time is Never Wasted'. She is very talented, styling many different looks. She has a very impressive body of work.